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Welcome to Women's Walk & Talk Hervey Bay  

Where every step is a journey of connection, empowerment, and well-being.

I'M alicia wade


I'm Alicia, one of the co-founders, and I'm thrilled to share how this wonderful journey began. The inception of Women's Walk & Talk Hervey Bay sprouted from a conversation at the Hervey Bay Chamber of Commerce. During this discussion, the idea of creating a space for women to walk, talk, and support each other came alive.

A special shoutout goes to Fraser Coast Mates, especially Darren Bossley, for their collaboration and unwavering support in getting this initiative off the ground. Additionally, heartfelt gratitude to Men's Walk & Talk Hervey Bay, particularly Shane Bradbury, for sharing their insights and guidance on the backend of setting up.

For me, walking has been a daily ritual for the past 9 years in Hervey Bay. It's not just exercise; it's my jam, my passion, and a perfect start to my day in this incredible place. 

A little story about me: I have been walking to and from school, work and even had a write up in the local papers as I walked all the time “A walk is a day in the park!”. I did have a fear of driving until the age of 30 years old! So I walked and ran everywhere! So walking is embedded in my life!

I love Women's Walk & Talk Hervey Bay – a space where women can thrive, connect, and uplift each other.

Let’s connect and become friends!


our mission

For women to thrive through the simple yet powerful act of walking. We believe in fostering a community where strength, connection, and well-being intertwine.


Walk & Talk–

Where Every Step is a Celebration of Strength, Connection, and Well-being!

Ready to step into a healthier, happier you? Join Women's Walk & Talk today!

- women's walk & talk hervey bay!


At Women's Walk & Talk we believe in the following:

Tying Shoelaces



We believe in the power of walking and talking to foster genuine connections. Our walks are more than just a physical activity; they are an opportunity to engage, share stories, and build meaningful relationships.

Sports Shoes



Embracing the therapeutic benefits of walking, we prioritize the holistic well-being of our community. Whether it's a leisurely stroll or an energetic walk, we aim to contribute positively to the physical, social, and mental health of our participants.

Running Shoes



Every step is a welcome step. We value diversity and inclusivity, creating an environment where women from all walks of life feel comfortable, supported, and included.

Purple Sneakers



Walking empowers us, both individually and collectively. We encourage women to embrace their strength, set personal goals, and celebrate achievements, big or small, during our walks.

Sports Shoes



Walking is not just an exercise; it's an inspiration. We aspire to inspire each other through shared experiences, motivating stories, and the simple act of walking together towards our goals.

Sports Shoes


Community Support

  1.  In the spirit of walking and talking, we are a supportive community. Whether it's a listening ear during a walk or a helping hand in times of need, we are there for each other, building a strong and caring community.

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